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St Theresa's Convent School

For God in Peace and Joy


Welcome to STC

St. Theresa’s Convent School offers a balanced, holistic, vibrant learning experience with excellent staff. Our teachers provide learners with the opportunity to explore their talents and abilities, becoming well-rounded, lifelong learners, who will become future world changers.

Experienced Teachers

Our experienced teachers actively pursue Professional Development opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Community and Church work

We follow the Catholic ethos and ensure that we nurture these values in our students.

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Extra Mural Activities

We offer a range of cultural, academic and sporting activities for our learners.

School Events

Keep your eyes peeled for our Term 3 Events!


Our School Gallery

St Theresa’s Convent creates a range opportunities for students to become well-rounded individuals through cultural, sporting and academic enrichment.